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Goals of Roto X

Roto X has many goals that it strives to achieve in order to maintain a completely satisfying game experience. Here are just a few of the most important:

To create an entertaining game that submerges players into a whole new world.
While playing, we would like players to become deeply involved in the world of Roto X. Therefore, we attempt to keep player restrictions to a minimum. Players are free to explore the world of Roto X in the way that they see fit, without having to stick to a predecided storyline.

To allow players to play for as long as they like.
While the game does not require constant play or play for long periods of time, Roto X attempts to provide players with multiple activites that can keep them constantly entertained if they choose to do so.

To allow players to play whenever they like.
Nothing in the game is centered around a specific day of the week or time, so you can play when it suits you. That means you don't have to wake up at 2AM so that you don't miss an activity, or you don't have to play on Saturdays because that's the only time a store is open.

To instill a strong sense of community and belonging throughout the players in the game.
By organizing players into factions and clans, players can become part of groups of players that work together. Also, by providing multiple methods of community interaction, the community is strengthened as a whole.

To maintain an environment suitable for all ages.
While the content of Roto X provided by the game developers is always suitable for all ages, players in the game can also post messages that may not be. Therefore, Roto X uses both a strict language filter and a team of website monitors to ensure that any inappropriate material is removed from the game.