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"Since I started playing Roto, I have not missed a single day. It is so addictive, you always want to come back for more. The community is great and the game in itself is genius. There is so much to do, it is impossible to get bored. I have played a number of text based RPG's but this is by far the best. Thank you Moosh! I give it 10/10."

-Ben, A.K.A. Tank (ID 2226)

"I've been searching the entire summer for an interesting game that provides hours of entertainment. I was also surprised at how friendly the chats are, unlike some others games where all every body does is rip on each other."

-AJ, A.K.A. Raven x (ID 2827)

"I've been playing this game since the early days of its existence and it still always seems to keep me entertained and busy. Roto X creates amazing interaction between players and there is never a dull moment. Roto X is the pinnacle of online gaming and no other game can compare...I'd stake my motherboard on it! "

-Stuart (ID 2653)

"I'm not very into text based games, except for this one. I am a die hard fan of this game and would recommend it to anyone who likes or even doesn't really like text based games. I've been playing for close to 200 days and still have yet to find it boring and i have always found time for it."

-Ricky, A.K.A. Professor Chaos (ID 1972)

"As the 5th oldest member of Rotox besides the staff I've seen it go through the good times the bad times and in between, so this game in all my time here has been the best."

-Clay (ID 1056)

"Being Roto X's oldest non-admin member I would say that this game has survived the test of time and will only get better. I've chosen to have my account reset twice and I've found the game is more fun everytime I've been reset. I've been an admin once and the admins of this game give up their time to make sure that you have a good time playing. I love RPG's and I love Roto X!"

-Dan, A.K.A. Master Shake (ID 1989)

"Not since the Sims have I neglected my personal life so much."

-#27 (ID 1138)

"This game is by far the best I'm currenty playing, admins are funny and this game brings many new things never seen on any other WebGames."

-sERIAL (ID 1133)

"Why play anything else? Roto X is all you need."

-Daniel, A.K.A. Link (ID 2655)

"Most fun I've ever had playing a game, hands down."

-James, A.K.A. Pike (ID 2762)

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