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"I have not really been into gaming in general, only other game I was able to get into was a text based game. So when I was referred to this game by a good friend I figured it would be worth a try to check out. Turns out 200+ days later of signing on every day and leading a clan and a faction I am hooked. This is the type of gameplaying atmosphere that allows for limitless possibilities and events; I became addicted quickly and I am sure that you will too."

-Escalade (ID 1490)

"Brand new to this game, veteran of many others... Kudos go out to all the people who offer help to newbies ans double kudos go out to the design team for making this an easy-to-learn gaming system. I salute you!"

-Icepick (ID 2923)

"So much fun... Can't keep away from the screen..."

-Firemonkey (ID 1099)

"BEST GAME EVER!!! 10/10! So fun, every second of it!"

-Jon, A.K.A. KofJ (ID 2896)

"This game has the best leadership I've seen on any... and that's just icing on the cake when its already the best free game!"

-Chase, A.K.A. Xavier (ID 1745)

"Roto X is the most addictive game on the web. I barely miss a single day unless I have a heart attack or fall off a cliff. It is by far better than anything I have ever played on the web and would reccomend it to anyone."

-Oli, A.K.A. The Angel of Death (ID 2654)

"There's not a game out there even remotely close to being as fun as Roto X. The combination of clan and faction allegiances allows for some awkward "political" situations, occasionally. Don't like politics? Then just donate your gems and have fun at the arena. (I sound like I'm an advertiser or something, better wrap up quick.) There's a million other things to do, and I am completely clueless how Moosh and friends keep this place free.......... Don't get any ideas Moosh."

-Drake-bot (ID 2388)

"The perfect RPG is found. Its name is Roto X."

-Vertigo (ID 2702)

"A nice friendly game, where you dig for stuff, build your character, meet new people and kill them!!!!"

-Terry, A.K.A. Justincase (ID 2160)

"This is possibly the most addictive game I have ever found on the internet. You can never stop playing, everyday I am on and I could go on even more. This game is the best RPG text based game I have ever played."

-Garret (ID 2625)

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