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"I am still new to Roto X but the environment is so fun, and the people are awesome, very helpful to new players. I would suggest Roto X to anyone looking for an awesome RPG. It's unique and very well supported and organized."

-Kriegen (ID 4129)

"I started to play this game a year ago... and I've never stopped playing! Why would you? This game is the master of most games. Must play."

-Animehero (ID 2097)

"This game is great! It takes time to start with but it's brilliant now that i have gotten into to it."

-Space Monk (ID 4415)

"Not since Shimlar have I gone without sleep for four days thinking of strategies to achieve the best stats and position posible."

-Daniel, A.K.A. HF (ID 4335)

"Started playing, now I can't go a day without it...."

-Patrick, A.K.A. Dark Vampire (ID 3710)

"This game is fantastic. I have gotten used to it so much it is part of my daily routine now."

-Xodius (ID 2972)

"I was leading a sad life, addicted to one game. Alienation (2160) came to me one day and told me about ROTO X. I wouldnt go, cause I was busy enough with another game. I finally went to get him off my back, and signed up, yet was idle for like a month. I started really playing, and regretted not doing so sooner. I've made a friend on ROTO X. TY MOOSH FOR CREATING THIS GAME!!!!! TY ALIENATION FOR TELLING ME!!!!!"

-Brian, A.K.A. UED Confederate (ID 2924)

"I have played the game in the past and am getting into it again. It is a game that you just can't let go of. I loved it before and after the new version I love it more."

-Jamie, A.K.A. Orion (ID 4956)

"I've played a lot of text RPG's in my time, but this is the best. I think I will be here for a long time."

-Travis, A.K.A. Irvine Kinneas (ID 2370)

"Roto X is simply astonishing, has great interaction, the admins are very nice, and once you start it will be hard to quit."

-Spydey2k5 (ID 5479)

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