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"This is simply the best online free text-based RPG. There is no better. Just come and join us and be part of the community that is RotoX."

-Anthony, A.K.A. Demon (ID 5107)

"The short time I've been playing this game has been absolutely awesome, highly addictive and fun. I would say to any gaming fan in general to give this game a try, it surely won't disappoint."

-Jeremiah, A.K.A. Tetsujiin (ID 5243)

"I am a loyal player of Roto X, and you know a game is really good when you find yourself stairing at your backpack when you see that you are on Roto X and completely forget about the homework you're supposed to do. I'm not very into text based games, except for this one. I am a die hard fan of this game and would reccomend it to anyone who likes or even doesn't really like text based games. I've been playing for close to 200 days and still have yet to find it boring and i have always found time for it. "

-Ricky, A.K.A. I am the Walrus (ID 1972)

"This is the best text based RPG I've ever seen!"

-Kila (ID 5468)

"I am new the game still, been playing for one week now and l am addicted to it, can not get off of the computer. It is the best RPG game on the internet. I am so happy that l found Roto X."

-Werewolf (ID 6228)

"Truly a great game, excellent scalability, fast loading, and constant fun at 100%! It's a networker's dream!"

-Project Titanium (ID 5985)

"Roto X is the best text RPG game I have ever played on the net by far. I play it every day because it can be so addicting to play..10/10 for me!!!"

-DJ, A.K.A. Twisted Metal (ID 6609)

"An enthralling game with a great community. Highly recommended."

-Loqutus (ID 6617)

"Once you start playing Roto X, you can't stop. the best internet game ever made."

-Amar, A.K.A. Typhoon Dragon (ID 6185)

"It took my from my life of NeoPets."

-Bounty Hunter (ID 6399)

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